Shore Power Monitor 3G

iSocket 3G

isocket-auWhen you lose shore power it can be expensive. Batteries go flat, electronics need re-booting and food spoilage can be messy. On a marina it’s not unusual to have a 240v power loss, maybe someone unplugs your power cable and forgets to plug it back in. Power loss is a common problem.

The iSocket 3G sends an alert to your phone in the event of power failure, enabling you to rectify the problem. Simply plug the monitor into your 240v outlet, add credit, and text a command to the unit. It’s that easy and reliable.

Only $299 plus delivery and you’re ready to go.


  • Power failure alerts to your phone
  • Power restore alerts to your phone
  • New! Call when power fails
  • Operates on the 3G mobile network
  • Works with all mobiles phones
  • No Wi-Fi connection required
  • Temperature monitoring (requires sensor) & notifications to your phone
  • Smart Thermostat with ESEFM and Temperature Profiles
  • Remote switching and reboot by SMS/Call
  • No service fee! All you pay is the price of the iSocket, plus your sim connection
  • Micro SIM card from your preferred operator can be used, includes prepaid cards
  • Free of charge operations: remote reboot or switching by call absolutely free
  • Three security levels (password, phone numbers, limited configuration window)
  • Scheduling turn on/off, status info, Smart Thermostat on/off
  • Manufactured in Finland

The iSocket simply plugs into a power point and sends an SMS alert in the event of a power failure. This gives you peace of mind and immediately informs you of power disruption to your vessel.

You can also connect any appliance to iSocket, to start or stop it remotely from anywhere in the world. Turn on/off bilge pumps, reboot your router, switch on lamps and so on.

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