These incredibly powerful 18″ and 24″ dome radars have beauty and brains with a black colour option and 50 watts of output power.

The 40 W solid-state Garmin GMR Fantom radar has MotionScope technology, which uses the Doppler effect to detect and highlight moving targets and help you avoid potential collisions. Features Auto Bird Gain setting to help identify flocks of birds feeding at the water’s surface and help signal the location of game fish. Pulse Expansion setting maximizes energy on targets and increases target size. Dynamic Auto Gain and Sea Filter settings automatically adjust to your surroundings for optimal performance in all conditions. Dual radar capability provides redundancy and ability for each display unit on the boat to select data from one of two different radar sources. MARPA setting enables tracking of 10 targets simultaneously. Excellent close- and long-range detection from 20 ft to 72 nautical miles.

See targets clearly, and adjust their sizes as needed.

With power save mode, you get to choose when to use full power and when to pull back.

Every second of power usage counts. Cut back even more by choosing your active times down to the second.

MotionScope™ technology shows targets in colour as they move toward you or away.