The platforms eliminate accelerations due to pitch and roll movements – and all other movements – of the ship. To achieve this, the movements of the ship are estimated based on sensor signals and the platforms is automatically adjusted by computer controlled actuators.

When you understand the technology behind all STABLE platforms, you’ll soon get a grip of the broad variety of ways our technology can be used to stabilize “all most everything” for indoor or outdoor use.

All STABLE platforms are customized to meet the individual needs and specifications. The advanced technology from STABLE can save lives, keep valuable things (or beloved persons) as levelled as possible, make antennas point exactly as needed – or give the ultimate pleasure of playing, do sports or gaming when the waves are rocking. Below you’ll find ideas and examples of where to use the application. Our most popular applications are beds and billiard tables. Normally we only deliver the stabilized platform and the customer design and supply the “wrapping”.