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Stay connected with internet, phone and TV via satellite communications systems suitable for offshore cruising or overseas ventures. KVH  TracPhone™ and TracVision™ can meet the needs of your vessel and provide you with greater connectivity, entertainment and peace of mind while on-board.

KVH is the world’s leading provider of mobile satellite communications and satellite television antenna systems. Serving the marine industry since 1982, KVH’s advanced inertial-based, fully stabilised antennas offer unmatched performance during all sea and weather conditions.

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KVH Coverage MapKVH TracVision

KVH’s advanced inertial-based stabilised marine satellite systems search enables fast satellite acquistion, while high performance tracking ensures a crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas.   TracVision™ has won the NMEA Product Awards for 13 consecutive years.

Designed for today’s powerful yachts and advanced satellite technology, the TracVision HD-series provides full support for Ka/Ku-band HDTV entertainment with sleek, easy-to-use systems. TracVision HD11, a truly global 1 metre (41.5 in) antenna, and TracVision HD7, a 60 cm (24 in) antenna, both offer an unmatched suite of groundbreaking technologies. In addition to 4-axis stabilised tracking, the HD-series features KVH’s exclusive TriAD™ technology for receiving broadcasts from three DIRECTV satellites at once, in both Ka-band and Ku-band frequencies. The result is a TV watching experience just like you enjoy at home. These signals are concentrated by the tuned subreflector before reaching KVH’s unique tri-rod dielectric feed, resulting in outstanding reception even as you cruise offshore.

With the TracVision HD-series, everyone onboard can watch whatever they want, on whatever TV they want, whenever they want, in sharp HD resolution – with full DVR support. KVH’s IP-enabled antenna control unit and TracVision iOS apps make setup and maintenance easy.

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KVH TracPhone

KVH offers unsurpassed mini-VSAT Broadband with global coverage for fast, secure, global connectivity delivered with flexible airtime rate plans.

KVH mini-VSAT Broadband provides high-speed data services at sea, including:

  • Fast and reliable Internet access world wide
  • Crystal clear, prioritised voice calls
  • Flexible and affordable airtime rate plans
  • Versatile tools for managing onboard data use
  • A unique content delivery service
  • A global support program to keep you connected at all times


KVH Mini-VSAT Broadband 2.0